Know About the Owner of Nan Inc. Company in Honolulu, Hawaii

Nan Inc. is one of the famous companies in Hawaii that provides high-quality contracting to build various projects. The owner of this construction company is Nan Chul Shin, and also this company is having the experience of over 30 years. If you want to read more about Nan chul Shin, you must go through this article. This famous personality has remained the CEO of this company for many years and still now. His real name is Patrick Shin, and he changed his name in the Korean language to Nan Chul Shin.

About Nan Chul Shin

Building roads and construction projects are always the dreams of this famous person from his childhood. Thus he worked hard for this and then started a small construction company in Hawaii. Now the company has grown into one of the most famous companies in the city. During the starting stage of this Nan Inc. company, it has gained only small projects, and also, the number of people in the company is less. Thus, Nan Chul Shin’s first project was constructing a single road. The main thing is that he has shown good determination and clarity in providing a good-quality project. This is the reason that he is remaining as the number one CEO in Hawaii. Now his company has more than nine hundred employees, which indicates his hard work and dedication in this construction company. The dream that he had in the past is now achieved as he has constructed the top construction company in Hawaii.

Started the charity

This person is not only earning more money through Nan Inc., but he has also started a charity and helping poor people. His services are unstoppable, which is the reason that he is remaining as a good personality. The donations that he is providing will be high to the various small schools, poor families, and others. Thus his kind heart and cool attitude make him the top person in the city. This famous celebrity Nan Chul Shin, owner of nan inc construction has a net worth of around 10 million dollars to 50 million dollars. Thus his net worth has increased in the past, and his company has a net worth of $ 500 million to $ 900 million.

Love over Korean festival

His team members in the company Nan Inc., have been contributing some money to those Korean festival event creators. This is because he is more interested in Korea’s traditions, language, food, culture, and others. This is why he started to fund and also fully support this famous festival. Thus all you need to know about Nan chul Shin is that he is not only a good entrepreneur, but he is also more interested in Korean culture, festivals, and other events apart from his passion.