Maximizing your inboxdollars earnings – Proven strategies

If you want to maximize your earnings on InboxDollars, you need the right strategies. Earning more on InboxDollars is to complete your user profile completely. Provide accurate demographic information about yourself like gender, age, location, interests, and occupation. The more targeted your profile is, the more relevant survey invitations you will receive. Accurate profile information allows you to qualify for surveys that you are eligible for, thus saving you time and avoiding rejections.

Check email daily

InboxDollars sends many survey invitations, offers, and promotions through email. You need to act fast and click on the links in the emails before the survey quotas fill up. Checking email daily also lets you access promotions and contests before others giving you better chances to earn. InboxDollars has a paid email feature that pays you to read sponsored emails from advertisers. You earn up to 5 cents for each paid email you open and read. The earnings may seem small, but they add up over time. Also, paid emails often contain additional opportunities to earn like taking surveys, playing games, or applying for offers. Don’t ignore paid emails if you want to maximize earnings.

Complete your daily to-do list

InboxDollars has a daily to-do list containing easy tasks like watching videos, taking 1-2 minute surveys, playing games, or clicking on email links. Make completing the to-do list a daily habit to boost your earnings. Paid surveys are the biggest earners on InboxDollars. The longer surveys (over 15 minutes) help you rack up points quickly. Check the homepage and your inbox for high-paying survey opportunities. Take as many surveys as you can to maximize earnings.

Refer friends

InboxDollars pays you to refer your friends and family to join the site. You earn $1 for each friend who joins and $3 for each one who completes their profile. Your referred friends also earn cash bonuses for joining and completing their profiles. Referring friends is an easy passive way to boost your balance without much effort at all. Share your referral link and promo codes as much as possible. Keep an eye out for special limited-time offers that pay extremely well. Around major holidays, InboxDollars runs limited-time contests and promotions for you to enter and earn multiple times daily. During these times, you are likely to earn 5x or 10x the amount compared to normal days. Don’t miss out on these promotional periods.

Shop through inboxdollars

You earn cash back for shopping from hundreds of online stores through the InboxDollars shopping portal. Shopping through the portal lets you earn while you shop. Make it a habit to visit the portal first before shopping at any online store. The cashback earnings will add up with your regular purchases. InboxDollars has a decent selection of fun and entertaining games that you play to earn reward points. Playing games is a nice break from taking surveys and offers another way to earn. Games only pay a few cents, but those cents add up with consistent play. Try to play at least 5 to 10 games daily to earn extra cash from this often-overlooked option.